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Here are a couple links to some of Edward Koehn Companies favorite machining websites



 Today's Machining world is an well written machining blog.  Loyd and Noah Graff provide there uniqu insite on what they see in the machining world and regularly relate it back to there personal lives.  This Blog is a unique prespective on machining




 Edward Koehn company has been a member of the Precision MAchined Products association since 1973.  THay have been a great resorse for all thing production machining.  Edward Koehn company regulary attends PMPA's natinal meetings.  We have presented at thes meeting in the past, which has been a great way for us to showcase what we know and teach other machinest about how we approch production swiss machining.



Production machining magaizine is anothe reat resorce for case studies and the latest trends in production machining.  My trade group PMPA regularly submits a monthly section that is always informative.  


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